Getting the Best Central AC

The best central AC that you can get will oftentimes be different from one manufacturer brand to the other. Despite the fact that there are various models for central air conditioners that you can find in the market today, the biggest factor among all is determining which among them is the best that you can have and at the same time, the most efficient.

Basically, efficiency of air conditioners will depend on SEER or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating of the system. This is being measured by using the formula BTU/Hr and it is representing the cooling power of the AC unit. Another factor that is used to gauge whether the AC is indeed the best City Home Comfort for your premises is its SEER appropriateness rating.

In order to determine the ideal amount of power that you need for your central AC system, you need to calculate first the required BTU in the room by using its dimension and degree of insulation. You can find this in parameters for computation. There are actually BTU calculators that you can find online. Usually, they are going to ask you to enter the width, height and length of the room and require you to indicate as well the general level to which it’s been insulated from heat.

If you are going to calculate the value for the rooms you want to include in the scope of the air conditioner unit and added them together, you will get the total BTUs that the structure will need to be able to maintain a comfortable temperature for all rooms. The basic BTU calculators don’t usually include body heat that’s emanating from the occupants of the room. On the other hand, you will be able to get around this by simply adding 600 BTU for every person that you expect to be in that room. Click here for more info:

Due to the reason that the cooling power is being measured per hour in BTU, if ever the value you have got from BTU calculator is set for an hour, you have to multiply that figure by the number of hours that you think you’re going to keep your central air conditioner running for the day and then, for the rest of the year. For ordinary use, the best AC units must be able to have a SEER rating of 10. Some structures on the other hand might demand bigger rating during normal usage. Click here for more info:

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